Additional Menu

Western Mains

Chicken ConfitChicken Confit

Full chicken leg oven-cooked with lemon and  spices that brings out the succulent tenderness of the meat. Served with salad greens, cherry tomatoes, waffle fries, Italian dressing and cranberry sauce

Pacific Dory FilletDory Fillet w WafflesFries

Golden brown dory fillet in creamy tartar sauce. Served with greens and waffle fries

Chicken Bolognese SpaghettiChicken Spagetti

Spaghetti topped with chicken bolognese sauce and parmesan cheese. Served with greens and waffle fries

Carbonara Turkey Bacon SpaghettiCarbonara

Spaghetti served in good old carbonara sauce, turkey bacon, and topped with dried parsley. Also served with greens and waffle fries



Bar Bites & Snacks

Luncheon Fries

Prawn Crackers with Homemade Thai Seafood Sauce

Fried Chicken Wings with Waffle Fries

Garden Fresh Salad with Italian Dressing

Chicken Salad

Waffle Fries with Tartar Sauce

French Fries

Chicken Nuggets

Honey Prawns

Japanese Fried Crispy Chicken with Wasabi Mayo

Oven-Roasted Honey Black Pepper Chicken Mid Wings

Spicy Top Shells